Why does the TARDIS explode?

Why does the TARDIS explode?

Doctor Who confirmed the Silence was responsible for blowing up the TARDIS in season 5, but how they managed to accomplish this is still a mystery. The Silence, a religious sect of the space church called the Papal Mainframe, made the TARDIS explode at the end of season 5 of Doctor Who.

Can the TARDIS be damaged?

It can be destroyed or damaged; the Daleks almost destroyed it in Journey’s End and the Sensorites were able to remove the lock from the door. Other TARDISes have been destroyed, as seen in The Doctor’s Wife and the War Doctor novel, Engines of War.

Can the TARDIS lands inside itself?

The lights come on, revealing another TARDIS inside the control room — the TARDIS has materialised inside itself. The Doctor tells Rory and Amy that they are trapped in a “space loop” and that nothing can enter or exit the TARDIS ever again.

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What is it called when the TARDIS disappears?

The Doctor’s TARDIS dematerialising. ( TV: The Eleventh Hour) TARDISes usually moved through time and space by “disappearing there and reappearing here,” (TV: Rose) a process known as “materialisation”.

How did the silence explode the TARDIS?

2. How did the Silence blow up the TARDIS? Tasha Lem admitted in The Time of the Doctor that the rogue Kovarian Strain of the Silence blew up the TARDIS in The Pandorica Opens. But in The Pandorica Opens, he tells River that the engines automatically shut down when there’s no one inside.

What happens if the TARDIS blows up?

What usually happens is the Eye of Harmony replica inside the TARDIS detonates itself at every point in time and space, erasing the universe. In a far future event the TARDIS explodes and the Eye of Harmony within it causes temporal energy to burn at every point in time and space simultaneously.

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How indestructible is the TARDIS?

The TARDIS is almost indestructible. If it was completely indestructible then life wouldn’t be very interesting, but it does appear to be resilient to extermination, being plunged into black holes and falling off cliffs.

Can a TARDIS land in a TARDIS?

A TARDIS within a TARDIS happens as well in Logopolis, and the Doctor theorises that other space time anomalies could cause the TARDIS to appear within the TARDIS, though within the context of that story it was the Master’s TARDIS within the Doctor’s.

Can a TARDIS land in another TARDIS?

Originally Answered: Is it possible to park a TARDIS inside another TARDIS? Yes, it’s called a Space loop . It happened once in The Time Monster , when the third Doctor materialized his TARDIS inside the Master’s TARDIS.

What can the TARDIS do?

TARDIS is an acronym that stands for “time and relative dimension in space.” The blue box can travel anywhere in the universe and arrive at any point in time. This makes it the perfect ship for a space tourist.

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Who blew up the TARDIS Reddit?

We know that the Kovarian sect of the Church blew up the Tardis in season 5 to prevent him from reaching Trenzalore and then caused the cracks in the Universe.