Why is aluminium used in transmission cables?

Why is aluminium used in transmission cables?

(vii) Aluminium wire is used to make transmission cables. Aluminium wires are good conductors of electricity and also it is cheap metal easily available, light in weight and also very good ductility. All these properties of aluminium make it better to make transmission cables.

Why is copper and aluminum used for transmission?

a) The resistivity of copper and aluminium are very low, so electric current flows easily through them. Hence copper and aluminum wires are usually used for electricity transmission.

Why molten aluminium bromide is a poor conductor of electricity?

In this structure, each aluminium atom forms one coordinate bond by accepting a lone pair of electrons from the bromine atom of another aluminum bromide molecule and thus completes an octet of electrons. Due to the lack of free electrons, molten aluminum bromide is a poor conductor of electricity.

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What is the difference between copper cable and aluminium cable?

The main difference between aluminium and copper cables is the current carrying capacity and impedance. Aluminium cable has a lower current carrying capacity and greater impedance than the equivalent copper conductor. When selecting the correct size of aluminium cable the impedance must be carefully evaluated.

Why is aluminium less corrosive?

Aluminum oxide consists of atoms of aluminum and oxygen bonded together. structure changes just enough to become chemically inert and thus unable to react rapidly with additional water molecules or atmospheric oxygen. This change in molecular structure is why aluminum oxide metal resists corrosion.

Why is aluminium less corrosive than iron?

Answer: Aluminum unlike iron and steel,does not rust or corrode in moist conditions. Its surface is protected by a natural layer of aluminium oxide. This prevents the metal below from coming into contact with air and oxygen.

Can sucrose conduct electricity?

Sucrose is a covalent molecule when it dissolves in water it doesn’t form ions so it can’t conduct electricity.

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What are the limitations of aluminum in transmission lines?

The only limitation is its cost. The most extensively used material in transmission line is Aluminum. Aluminum is having sufficient conductivity. More ever it is light in weight. Which results in low conductor weight and less sag.

What is the difference between aluminum and copper cables?

Aluminum is lighter than copper and almost as good a conductor. The weight is vital because the transmission wire stretches between poles, and we want fewer poles. As such, the actual transmission cables utilized are named ACSR cable, which means Aluminium Cable Steel Reinforced.

What is aluminium building wiring?

Aluminum building wiring is a kind of electrical wiring for domestic construction or houses that uses aluminum electrical conductors.

Why is steel used as a conductor in transmission lines?

To make it suitable to be used as conductor for transmission line, we have to increase its tensile strength. To increase the tensile strength, steel is used as a core of conductor. A good example of steel core aluminum is an ACSR (Aluminum conductor steel reinforced) conductor.

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