Why is the name Nutella illegal?

Why is the name Nutella illegal?

35 Outlawed Baby Names From Around the World

  • Nutella. In 2015, a French couple decided to name their daughter Nutella because they hoped she could emulate the sweetness and popularity of the chocolate spread.
  • ANAL.

Can you name your baby anything in France?

France. Since 1993 the choice has been free in France unless it is decided that the name is contrary to the interests of the child. Before that time the choice of first names was dictated by French laws that decreed which names were acceptable. Napoleon Bonaparte created the law.

Can Nutella be a name?

A French court has barred a couple from naming their daughter Nutella after the popular hazelnut chocolate spread. In 1993 the law was changed to enable parents to freely choose their baby’s name – unless it is deemed contrary to the child’s interests. …

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Is Nutella illegal in France?

The food manufacturing plant in France’s northern Seine-Maritime department produces 600,000 jars of Nutella a day, a quarter of the global output. In 2016, a couple were banned from calling their daughter Nutella by French courts, with judges saying the child would be mocked as she grew up.

Why is the name Joyeux banned in France?

Joyeux (Happy) The Montpellier Court of Appeal ruled in 2006 that a couple could not name their baby Joyeux, which means “happy” in French. The court cited the “whimsical nature” of the name as something that could create problems for the child.

Is it illegal to name your child Napoleon in France?

IN FRANCE it is illegal to name a pig Napoleon, almost 200 years after his death. Experts say the odd law exists because calling a pig after the emperor would insult a head of state. Animal Farm author George Orwell must have missed the memo.

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