Why would a cure be hidden from other researchers?

Why would a cure be hidden from other researchers?

It would be impossible to keep other researchers from replicating the final steps that lead to a cure. Often the hidden cure conspiracy idea is framed around the claim that a pharmaceutical company would hide such a cure to protect their profits from other cancer drugs.

Is cancer becoming more treatable?

But if we continue to make progress as we are cancer will become an increasingly treatable and even curable type of disease. This topic also brings up a meme that has been around for a long time – the notion that scientists have already cured cancer but the cure is being suppressed by the powers that be, to protect cancer as a source of income.

What would happen if a company discovered a cure for cancer?

The institution would also gain fame and prestige, which translates into more donations, better applicants, and also part ownership of any patents. A company that discovered the cure for cancer would make billions, even if it meant it would make existing drugs obsolete.

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Is capitalism to blame for not curing cancer?

If we’re going to argue that capitalism is what’s driving companies and others who stand to “make a profit” off of not curing cancer, let’s talk money. As Curtin (2018) points out, 600,000 dead patients mean that many less paying customers for Big Pharma.

Is big Pharma’s secret cancer cure real?

Big Pharma has the secret cancer cure. Despite the fact that there is no “one cure to cure them all,” because cancer is not one disease, but up to 200 or more different diseases, you will read over and over that evil Big Pharma actually owns this miracle cure.

What is the secret cancer cure conspiracy?

Much of the secret cancer cure conspiracy is based on the belief that only USA pharmaceutical companies could develop this cure, and because they are evil and in some sort of alliance with everyone in government to hide this secret cancer cure from all of us.

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