What is creation profile in Documentum D2?

What is creation profile in Documentum D2?

Creation Profile: It tell us what one group of users can create in D2. Creation Profile is group based, i.e if we are creating normal creation profile we can assign it to a specific group only.

What is Documentum application?

Documentum is Document Management software, which means that it provides a vault in which to store your documents. Rather than keeping their important files on a fileserver, companies put them in Document Management systems. This allows people to access your files if they need to and allows you to access their files.

What is required to use the simple search feature in D2?

For D2 and Webtop, the user is required to select a document type and then build the search by selecting an attribute (ex: Document Name), an operation (ex: equals, <,>, contains) and then a value.

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What is Documentum developer?

Documentum is an enterprise content management platform, now owned by OpenText, as well as the name of the software company that originally developed the technology. EMC acquired Documentum for $1.7 billion in December, 2003.

What is D2 software?

D2 is the market leader in software that powers IP communications for devices used in converged communications applications and markets. vPort™ is an embedded VoIP software product which enables service providers, OEMs and ODMs to quickly develop and deploy CPE equipment such as gateways, routers, IADs, and IP phones.

How do I create a folder in docum?

In addition to your business unit’s instructions, refer to the Object Type Quick Reference Guide for more information on folder types in Documentum. 1 To create a folder, navigate to the desired location. 2 Click the FILE menu, select New, and then select Folder.

How do I upload a document to docum?

Upload a single page file Log the Datacap Client on to the Documentum Content Server that links Datacap to the repository that you specify as a parameter. A rule with the DM_Logon action must begin your Documentum upload procedures. Name of the target folder on Documentum to which the file is uploaded.

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Does Documentum need Java?

Integration of Documentum application with third-party applications. As DFC is based on Java, and it can easily integrate with the client programs that function on Java. In order to run DFC API you must have a Java virtual machine (JVM) program on your system.

What is Webtop Documentum?

EMC Documentum Webtop is a browser-based interface that provides access to the EMC Documentum repository and content management services. Webtop delivers: Browser interface – Quickly deploy Webtop with an easy-to-use, folder-based interface and minimal training.

What is Documentum D2?

For administrators, Documentum D2 offers a configuration tool and rules engine that governs the policies and behaviors of content in OpenText™ Documentum™ as well as the interaction between the content and users.

What is openopentext™ Documentum™ D2?

OpenText™ Documentum™ D2 is an intuitive UI that can be used to access and interact with content stored in a Documentum Server.

Is it difficult for IT departments to develop and deploy Documentum solutions?

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But, developing and deploying these solutions is difficult for IT departments and can be costly to manage. OpenText™ Documentum™ D2 is an intuitive UI that can be used to access and interact with content stored in a Documentum Server.

What is the content server in documentum?

The content server in Documentum provides capabilities like managing the repository and implementing the core content using the Service layer. The central repository in Documentum stores the data and the related metadata. The document consists of content files that have the attributes.