Which is better chitkara or Punjab University?

Which is better chitkara or Punjab University?

If you are asking in terms of fees and money then punjab university is very much better for sure . But if you want to explore and about the campus then chitkara is also good university and you can consider it. In terms of placements for CSE , Punjab university is quite good.

Is Chandigarh University better than Chitkara University?

Chandigarh University is most highly rated for Culture and Chitkara University is most highly rated for Culture….

Overall Rating
3.9 3.8
3.9 3.8

Which is the best university for BTech CSE in Chandigarh?

Chandigarh Unviversity is the best university for Pursuing BTech CSE course. This is the reason why this department is having the highest number of students studying and having the highest number of placements with highest packages. Chitkara University stands nowhere in comparison to Chandigarh University. 1.

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Which is better Chandigarh University or Chitkara University or CGC Landran?

Annual fee: CGC Landran has an annual CSE/IT B. tech fee of INR 96,000 and Chitkara University has INR 97,000 whereas Chandigarh University has an annual fee of INR 1.68 lakhs for these branches. Infrastructure: Chandigarh University has the best infrastructure and largest campus among the three.

How is the computer science engineering department at Chitkara University?

The Computer Science Engineering department at Chitkara University is not just the best one in Punjab but is also among the leading ones in the country. The curriculum is designed in such a way that it enhances technical know-how, ability to think on your feet, and people skills.

What are the best things about Chitkara University?

2.Chitkara is well known for its extremely good placement cell specially CSE. 3.There are numerous no. Of Semester exchange program with some really good global university’s. 4.There are many technical and cultural clubs like EPIC,C2S2,IEEE,BITSNBYTE,TOASTMASTERS etc.

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